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Medical Excesses

Excesses are often the very first thing that customers look at when buying an insurance policy. After the initial premium, this is the next sum of money that you will need to pay in the event of a claim.

Typically, the policy excess applies per person to all sections of cover, and we realise that in order to keep our policies so affordable for people with medical conditions, the excesses should also be reasonable too. There’s no point having a travel insurance policy that doesn’t cover you much past the excess in the event of a claim!

At Insurancewith, instead of hiking up the entire policy excess for any claim related to your declared medical condition, we simply have an additional medical excess that is sometimes set for your policy. This means that if your policy excess is £75, the only time you’ll need to pay more is if you need to make a cancellation or medical expenses claim related to your declared medical condition(s).

You can find out whether you have an additional medical excess by checking your policy schedule which is emailed to you upon purchase, or by enquiring with our customer service team.

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