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Customer Reviews

Insurancewith aim to provide all their customers with quality products for affordable prices, and with great service. Whether you’re purchasing insurance, making a claim or seeking medical advice or assistance, we encourage our customers to give us a little feedback from their experience with us, allowing us to regularly improve our services.

Below are some reviews from previous and current customers which we’ve received so far, so you know how we’re getting on.

If you would like to submit your feedback please write a review as we’d love to hear from you.

insurancewith is rated 4.8 / 5 based on 5,900 customer reviews

Our Rating
Mrs Holmes

Just to say what a superb insurance company you are. Prices were very reasonable and queries answered efficiently by Debbie. I have left your details with the Macmillan centre, so you should be having a lot more enquires. I’ve certainly sung your praises!

Our Rating
Mrs Blackham

I am a NETs with carcinoid syndrome patient who feels really well with the condition well-managed. I was told that I’d never get travel insurance which just makes you feel worse – power of the mind and all that. But I got a really affordable package through yourselves that covered sporting activities and gave me such an energy boost. You’re my company of choice from now on and I’ll spread the word.

Our Rating
Joan Howson

This is my second policy taken out with you and I would like to thank you for the understanding, calm and professional way you talked me through the process of getting a quote and then purchasing the policy. No hesitation at all in recommending you to family and friends.

Our Rating

Spent ages on the internet searching for travel insurance and was given some over the top quotes!! Mentioned this to a friend who recommended yourselves – the quote for the years cover was less than most single trips with other companies. So Pleased!!!

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Mrs McGukin

So pleased I came upon this insurance by chance – couldn’t believe the quote I got for medical cover for bipolar illness for a trip to Europe! I paid a huge amount on a previous trip to America from another insurance company and had I know about this company at the time I would have been covered for a fraction of what I paid! Will be using this company from now on, thank you – best quotes!

Our Rating
Mr Reid

I am writing to thank you for your fantastic service and for helping my wife and I through difficulties we had during our recent holiday in the Dominican Republic. I took the policy out with yourselves after hearing some great things about you through Facebook, and may I say, you more than lived up to the hype. I was taken into hospital due to complications with my Diabetes. May I just say at this time, what first class treatment I received.

My wife and I were worried, having never had to deal with our travel insurance firms before and not being accustomed to the procedures. Your company took away all the problems and worries, you guaranteed us cover in a couple of hours and gave us great peace of mind immediately. For this, my wife and I can’t thank you enough.

We always say that we’re worried about travelling, and whether we are protected against eventualities. Thanks to you, we now know we have found an insurance company we can trust, who gave customers reassurance and help. I feel fortunate that I found your company and will continue to use your services for future travels.

Our Rating
Mr and Mrs Marsden

I was very relieved to have Insurancewith recommended to me, as I was getting desperate to find travel insurance that would cover me at a reasonable price, having had breast cancer last year. Even though there were no complications with my treatment, travel insurance was coming up at a ridiculous price. I had to fill in the health screening survey to give the insurance company a clear picture of my health, but this with Insurancewith was relatively simple and straight forward. I can definitely recommend them.

Our Rating
Ms Watkins

Amazing, amazing, amazing!! Staff are so friendly and helpful and got us a great price, £700 cheaper than our other quote. Have recommend to fellow cancer parents already and will continue to do so.

Our Rating
Mr McGlynn

Easy to use site with a good choice of cover options.  Post heart surgery can cause companies to reject without explanation, your company is an exception.  I shall definitely spread the word!  Thank you!

Our Rating

Although we have travel insurance with the bank, they would not cover my husband for his CLL of which he never needed treatment for. Found this company via web travel recommendations. The lady I spoke to was called Karen and she was so helpful. The quote was excellent compared to previous prices given.

Our Rating

Thanks Insurancewith for giving me the opportunity and confidence to travel again after Cancer treatment. I thought it would be years before I was able to travel to the US with fully comprehensive insurance but I was able to go 18 months after treatment and had an amazing time! Your website is so clear and straightforward, thank you again!

Our Rating

What excellent service, and at a very competitive price too. Thank you all.

Our Rating

We are so pleased you are able to cover us and are delighted with the price you have quoted us

Our Rating

I’ve referred many friends and family to insurancewith and will continue to do so.

Our Rating

Amazing! Fantastic customer service as well from friendly and helpful staff!

Our Rating
Mrs S

I had researched insurance companies through mcmillan all of which quoted me exorbitant rates and since finding insure with through a friend I have contacted macmillan to add to their list.

Our Rating
Mr H

It was quite refreshing to find someone in the insurance industry who had any idea of what my medical condition involved (many people had no idea what to do as it didn’t tick any nice boxes for them).

Our Rating
Mrs R

I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who has experienced an illness, for tailor made, reasonable cost insurance.

Our Rating
Mrs U

Been very helpful from the quotes to the payments and the service has been friendly, polite and informative.

Our Rating
Mrs W

I spoke to a few companies and ended up feeling very upset and fragile – insurancewith helped restore that confidence by treating me with respect and compassion and assisted from a very knowledgeable platform.

Our Rating
Mrs B

had to list my medications rather than my illnesses which was a lot easier

Our Rating
Mrs Bone

I phoned and after answering a few questions to do with my husbands illness I was given a quote that was no where near any of the others needless to say I took it straight away .
A big thank you to Amy who gave me the quote.

Our Rating
Mr Asher

This is a very fair system in as much as the excess only applies if you make a claim. You will find many other companies charge a much higher price at the outset. This is I think is insurancewith‘s unique selling point. A brilliant company who always put the customer first.

Our Rating
Mr Smith

I went on holiday to Skiathos in June of this year. I can only say from my experience that I received an excellent, well-affordable quote which enabled me to have a care-free holiday with my family and I have quite a few medical problems that were all covered. I would  recommend your company to everyone,  thank you so much

Our Rating
Mrs Mills

I came across your company through Greig Trout’s website and am very glad I did.  From his blogs I decided that I had no excuse for not having a small scale adventure of my own and from your company I had no excuse for saying it was not affordable.  Thank you.

Our Rating
Mr Greenwood

This is the 4th time we have taken out cover with Insurancewith. The customer is service outstanding. When I was diagnosed with cancer I thought that trips to Florida with my family were a thing of the past – not with Insurancewith. The rates are amazing. I have recommended you to all my friends, my GP and even my oncologist at the hospital.

Our Rating
Mrs Holdaway

Excellent value and such helpful staff.
Would recommend to anyone.

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